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There’s never been a party like this.

What you’ll need:

The Game
Switch box
The System
Nintendo Switch system

2 Joy-Con™ controllers included.

Player icons
The Players
At least 2 players

How it works:

People playing 1-2 Switch

Most games in 1-2-Switch have you looking directly at the other player and not at the TV screen—just like in real life.

Look at the other player

Follow the instructions

People playing 1-2 Switch

Each game uses different features of the Joy-Con controller, such as motion control, HD Rumble, or the IR Motion Camera.

People playing 1-2 Switch

Face off against friends in a variety of games as the rest of the party watches the action unfold (and laughs themselves silly).

Play to win

Where to play:

Bring it everywhere, play it anywhere

People playing 1-2 Switch

Nintendo Switch transforms from home gaming system to portable system in a snap.

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